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( A Rungus Folk Tale ) 

There wos once a very beautiful long house near Ulu Pong. The folk there were happy people who enjoyed a prosperous life. Many kinds of entertainment and celebrations were held. Beside the usual activities of gong beating. dancing and wine sipping, they also included domestic animals in the fun. They took great pleasure in teasing and abusing the animals.

However by traditional custom, they were supposed to respect domestic animals like dogs, cats, pigs, and goats, as contrary actions were believed to offend the gods.

One day, while they were carrying on as usual with their merry making, a great storm, which lasted several days swept over the village, causing heavy damage to nature. They did not care about what was happening outside as they were too drunk and happy to bother. Besides, they felt very secure inside their huge long house.

It did not take long for the water to rise and flood the entire land, including the long house. Since they had offended the gods, there was no way of escaping without punishment. When the flood eventually subsided, no long house could be seen anymore, but instead a huge pool filled with crocodiles.

Up till this date, the village folk believe that the gods caused the storm to serve as a punishment to those who do not observe their customs and have no respect for animals. Sometimes the villagers trap those crocodiles in the pool for food, which they also sell on the local market.

The site is known as "The Crocodile Pool" of Kota Marudu as well as Kulum Buyut. The folk there believe that they must never harm or abuse animals again.


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