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Dance at Sabah


This dance is a dance tradition that is well-known people of Sabah in Sabah and in Malaysia. It is a traditional dance, ethnic Kadazan. Fulfill various functions of ritual dance as the dancers dance Sumazau say thanks for activities related to planting and harvesting rice, and also to reject the demolition, menyemah spirit, and treat illnesses. Movement and rhythm of the dance Sumazau is slowly and gently. Couples danced the men and women facing forward and wiggled their legs with small steps, while the heel lifted and lowered to the rhythm of the song. When dancing dikepakkan hands out, his movements like a bird flying fluctuations. Usually Sumazau crowds danced and celebrated during the dinner.


tarian_limbai.jpg (8292 bytes) This dance is a dance of the Bajau tribe indigenous communities. Limbai dance danced while welcoming the groom who brought the bride's house. Once the bridal party arrived, the procession paused, and then dance before the bride Limbai presented. It was a special ceremony as the bride pick the signal up to the house to conduct ceremonies such as weddings gabul consent. Dance rhythms and language of members of the delegation accompanying the bride into the house. Dancers waving their scarves as a symbol of invited and welcome.


tarian_sumayau.jpg (10,579 bytes) This dance is a dance tribal hamlet of Tuaran district and is also known as Madsayau. Dance Sumayau a special dance in celebration of the day studying the language or the hamlet called Mengahau. Thus it is not danced in ceremonies such as the merry crowd and celebrating.
Dance performance led by a woman who has been Monolian the aged and the knowledge of certain ceremonies. It should be also a descendant of Monolian.
Mengahau is a ceremony held in a big way and taking the time to five days five malam.Tujuannya is to study the gum-gum (gum-gum is a great tampian) to respect or revere the gum-gum, in addition to the ceremony so well is to commemorate the deceased family feast that is as common spirits by the Malay-Muslim community.
Once the music is played dancers began to dance and go directly to the court room or dance. Move the hands of dancers is the rhythm of the song. Footwork is slow when compared with hand movement. It just moves berinsut-insut very slowly. Will be more vigorous dance steps when getting a little pat or a boost from the audience.


tarian_magunatip.jpg (8957 bytes) This is a kind of ethnic dance traditions of the tribe Kuhijau Murut (Kwijau). Magunatip comes from the word 'sandwich' in a meaningful clips. It means that when the dancing feet of the pinched or sandwiched between two pieces of wood (bamboo), if not efficiently prevent it. Usually this does not require an accompanying dance music because the sound of the reed is dilagakan will cause a loud sound and rhythm and melody which aims to enliven menarik.Tarian Magunatip Yand a ceremony was held.

Adai-adai was initially used as a voice of singing together in a poem that was sung. This dance does not use any musical instrument while singing. The sound accompanying the song is pounding on the pisera canoe paddle or a boat and rowed stroke or keduit pitcher. This dance is performed in the councils of the crowd. It is the dance of the tribal community who inhabit the town of Weston Brunei, Sabah.


tarian_daling.jpg (9045 bytes) This dance is not the original dance of the Bajau of Semporna District, otherwise it is taken by the people of the Islands Mindanau mysticism. Bajau community growth and mysticism are often affected, so be there as belonging to the dance community that settled in the Semporna Bajau. Daling-daling words derived from English word meaning beloved darling. This dance is a dance entertainment on certain occasions that its pantun between male and female dancers.


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